What to Expect?

Clinical Genetics provides a service for individuals or families who have, or are at risk of having, a genetic disorder. Some people attend the clinic for a diagnosis, others come with a diagnosis for information about the condition and how likely it is to affect other family members.

Dr Saggar will discuss the medical management of the disorder together with who is at risk, what the risks are and the choices members of the family have available to them. Dr Saggar’s role is to coordinate clinical follow up for the early screening detection of treatable problems and the prevention of complications.


Who needs to be seen by the clinical genetics service?

Anyone who is concerned about a condition which they think may be inherited. Many people want to know their own chance of either inheriting or passing on a particular condition.

For a certain genetic conditions there are tests, some of which are available during pregnancy, and you may wish to discuss what tests are available.

Sometimes a paediatrician may suggest an appointment for your child, to obtain a further opinion or to try to clarify a complicated situation.

Some genetic conditions need specialist care and management, and this may involve further appointments with other specialists.


What will happen at my appointment?

Consultations usually last between 45 – 60 minutes. Dr Saggar will spend some time discussing your particular concerns and drawing a family tree. Sometimes it is helpful for us to have medical details about other people in your family.

No one of course would ever approach a relative without your permission.

You or your family may need to have a clinical examination. Once Dr Saggar has all the information, he will then be able to assess how likely it is that an inherited disorder exists in you or your family, and what choices are open to you.


What tests may be done at my appointment?

We may need to take a blood sample. If we feel any other tests are required, we would discuss this with you and make suitable arrangements.



We hope to be able to answer your all questions and have all the information that you want. We look forward to seeing you in the clinic.

If you cannot make the appointment please let us know as soon as possible.